North Wales Gliding Club
Visiting us
The nearest postcode to us is LL11 3BB although that is a nearby farm on the opposite side of the lane.

Alternatively, Google Maps can give you directions to us by clicking here
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BBC & Scouts

We recently had some adventure scouts down at the club and a BBC weatherman on the same day. As a result we now have this great little movie for anyone who wants to know more about gliding.... and weather.... and scouting.

You can read about the day on our news page by clicking here.

Are we flying today? You can have the easy version from the Met Office and the more complex (but better!) version is here. In either case strong winds ( > 15 mph) and rain are not good and we are unlikely to fly.
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Fly a glider at North Wales Gliding Club

What could be better on a gorgeous, sunny day than flying silently along, using the natural energy of the sun and air to glide as smoothly and as freely as any bird?

Experience the sheer delight of gliding along silently, choosing where you want to go. Experience the thrill of complete and utter freedom - something which is getting harder to find elsewhere. At North Wales Gliding Club (NWGC) we have a small, friendly club of people who love to to fly over the beautiful Welsh countryside. We offer full training to anyone wanting to learn to fly a glider.

Is gliding hard?

In a word - no. Like any sport gliding does take some effort to learn, but the lessons are not much different from learning to drive. Anyone can learn to fly a glider and our members range in age from teenagers to pensioners and everything in between.

Do I need my own glider?

No you do not. Our fantastic trial membership packages allow you to try out gliding for two months for as little as £70. It is time to get out of that chair and give yourself the ultimate freedom of silent flight.

Give a gliding lesson as a present

Why not give your nearest and dearest - or a friend - a fantastic, unforgettable gift this year? The memories from a glider flight will last a lifetime. This wonderful experience, flying over the Welsh valleys as silently as a bird, is highly enjoyable and never fails to produce a huge ear-to-ear grin. From the your point of view it could not be simpler. Just click here and read how simple it is to get a gift voucher sent to you.