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North Wales Gliding Club

Pictures & stories

This section lists stories some of our members have come back to us with.

Just sit back and Chill-lax


Just look how chilled and relaxed we are at NWGC. Get away from the stress and strain of every day life. Take up gliding.

We’ll have to wake him up to hold the wing for take off in a minute. But hey, he needs his beauty sleep.






What is Nigel cooking up



One of our Maintenance Engineers, caught on camera, polishing the wings of our PW 6, a fibre glass trainer. Or, is he getting ready to fire up the BBQ and serve our dinner, after a hard day's flying? You decide.






First Solo of 2017

Every year we have awards for particular achievements. Well done Gaz for being awarded the first solo of 2017 shield. Shown here being presented with the First Solo of the year shield by Chris Jenks (NWGC Chairman). Gaz is the one on the left with the beaming smile.



Gliding isn't the preserve of the old





As you can see gliding isn’t the domain of the old and men, some of the best glider pilots are women. Here is one of our Ab initio pilots training at NWGC and close to going Solo. She is also a very good go-kart driver, competing at the highest levels.






Gliding in the snow

Well, I can hear you say, these glider types are a hardy bunch. We fly all year round, even in the snow. One could say hardy, or just plain mad. You decide.






Winch launch of a K13


Here is one of our two seater trainers just leaving the ground on take off. But be aware, the 0 to 60 mph, on launch, is faster than a Formula 1 off the starting grid, quite an adrenalin rush. The first time I was asked to put my hand on the stick to follow through on launch, when training, the acceleration was so great, my hand went up and off the stick. Awesome.







The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



I'll leave it up to you, to decide, who is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. As, this motley crew, look far too pleased with themselves, getting ready to launch Graham in the Vega Sport.




PW 6 landing at North Wales Gliding Club


A photo of our two seater fibre glass glider, the PW 6, with airbrakes out coming into land from the east.

Hey, is it stuck on one of the mobile masts on the hill (look closely).