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North Wales Gliding Club

Commonly Asked Questions

People who have never flown in glider before often ask the same questions as everyone else who has never done this before. Here are some of the most common questions that we get asked before a flight.

What sort of glider will I fly in?

The glider will be a twin seat with dual controls. You will usually be seated in the front seat of the glider.

Will I have to fly the glider on my own?

No. The flight will be handled by an experienced instructor. He will let you fly only those manoevuers which it is safe for you to attempt. In your early flights you might do nothing other than look around you and get used to the sensations of flying in a glider.

Why does the instructor sit in the rear seat?

From the rear seat the instructor can see you and judge your reactions to the flight. In addition, there is no point to learning to fly from the back seat since when you finally solo there is nobody sitting in front of you.

Do I need to book?

Please contact us. If you have purchased a voucher there will be instructions on what to do in with the voucher.

Do you run courses?

Yes we do, but only for members and only at pre-arranged dates throughout the year.