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North Wales Gliding Club

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

People always have a lot of questions about gliding and this section of the website attempts to answer many of the things we are always being asked. There are a range of topics covered here from the very basic to the technical. If you find that there is a subject or question that we have missed then email it to us using the button in the top right of this page and we will attempt to answer your question.

Commonly Asked Questions

People who have never flown in glider before often ask the same questions as everyone else who has never done this before. Here are some of the most common questions that we get asked before a flight. (Find out more )

What happens during a flight?

This section describes the basics of a flight in a glider. It will give you an idea of what to expect when you fly for the first time. There are four sections, pre-flight, the launch, the flight and (Find out more )

What actually makes a glider fly?

The simple answer is "the wings". The special shape of the wing of a glider creates a suction effect above the wing and a pressure effect below the wing. The result of this is that the wing is lifted (Find out more )

Atmospheric lift

Gliders have the biggest engine of any aircraft in the sky. The glider's "engine" is the energy in the air and wind. Using this wind energy gliders have flown for thousands of kilometres - the (Find out more )

Terms used in Gliding

There are a number of terms and words used in gliding that have special meanings. A list of these is given below. The list is not comprehensive, but includes a lot of common terms. (Find out more )

Gliding Records

Information on records set by gliders can be found in this section. (Find out more )