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North Wales Gliding Club

Membership and Flying Fees

The membership fees fall due on 1st April each year and are as follows.  Those who join part-way through a year pay full fee for the first year and a reduced amount in the second year.

Trial lesson (first one, two or three lessons depending on weather and flight duration - one long flight or up to three shorter flights - and 2 month trial membership) is £90.00. Subsequent flights (within the 2 month trial membership) are at the rates shown. The membership fees apply from 1st April 2019.

        Normal membership (includes BGA levy) £260.00
     Country membership (more than 75 miles from club) £100.00
     Family membership (kids under 18) £360.00
     Junior (under 18) £130.00
     Trial membership   £90.00
     Student £130.00
     Non-flying member £30.00
     Daily (BGA affiliate) £6.00


Flying Fees

        Winch launch (private glider) £9.00
     Winch launch (full member or temp. member) £8.00
     Winch launch (junior member) £7.00
     Cable break (no soaring) £0.00
     Flying (per minute) £0.40