North Wales Gliding Club

Membership and Flying Fees

The membership fees fall due on 1st April each year and are as follows. Note that for new members there is a £50.00 joining fee (£75 if joining as a family under the family rate). Those who join part-way through a year pay full fee for the first year and a reduced amount in the second year.

Trial lesson (first one or two lessons depending on weather and flight duration - one long flight or two shorter flights - and 1 month membership) is £70.00. Subsequent flights (within 28 days) are at the rates shown. The membership fees apply from 1st April 2008.

      Normal membership (includes BGA levy)
   Country membership (more than 75 miles from club)
   Family membership (kids under 18)£360.00
   Junior (under 18)
   Trail membership  £70.00
   Non-flying member
   Daily (BGA affiliate)£6.00


Flying Fees

      Winch launch (private)
   Winch launch (full member or temp. member)£7.00
   Winch launch (junior member) £6.00
   Cable break (no soaring) £0.00
   Flying (per minute)